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MCAS scores increase school pride once again

IMG_6551by Pamela Fourtounis

Both this year and last year saw dramatic increases in the amount of students scoring advanced and proficient on MCAS.

In 2009, as reported by boston.com, only half of Somerville High 10th grade students scored proficient or advanced on the English MCAS. For science, more students scored Needs Improvement and Warning than Proficient and Advanced. Read more →

Senior Week: Fiasco or Fun?

IMG_1466Max Freitas, 2015 & Anjila Shrestha, 2016

The senior class really left their mark on their last week of school with their shenanigans and attempts to have a great senior prank. They had “pranks” for 2 days, Thursday, May 22 and Friday, May 23.

The seniors ended their senior year with a bang, and in some cases that meant a literal bang. Read more →

Seniors become alumni at 2014 graduation

The Class of 2014 graduated last Monday, June 2nd at Dilboy Stadium.

Here are some of the highlights from our seniors’ final moments.

“Make the most of your time at SHS”– Advice for underclassmen

CO2014Kevin Ma, 2014

As graduation gets closer, it hits me that my last year of high school is coming to an end.

My last four years of high school have shaped some of the best– and some of the not so best– memories that I will always have with me. In the grand scheme of everything, however, I have to say that I have loved my high school experience.

There are a few pieces of advice that I would give to underclassmen. Read more →

SHS Trivia Team makes it to state’s top four

photo 1Oneda Lalaj, 2015

For the first time in its three years competing, the Somerville High School Trivia Team made it to the semifinals in WGBH’s High School Quiz Show and became one of the top four teams in the state.

Congratulations to this year’s trivia team consisting of Miles Bain, Celine Lessard-Brandt, John Iacovino, Graham Lessard-Brandt, R.J. Bingham and Julian Layton under the supervision of Coach Mr. Blake. Read more →

The Piper investigates teen drinking

alcoholMelissa Moura, 2014

It seems that since the beginning of time, teenagers have made bad decisions. As time and technology progressed, trends came and went, all except for one: teen drinking.

High school students all over the world drink underage. Social media, peer pressure, culture, and family issues often are the triggers of teen drinking; however, in the end it is still poor decision making. Read more →

Should texting be allowed in school?

photo 3 (2)by Harold and Kumar

Kumar: Texting in school should not be allowed because it distracts kids from paying attention in class. Everyone believes they can multitask, but truly, no human can focus on typing a text message and actually listening, not just hearing, to what is being taught. Texting and having phones out during class impedes the learning of not only the student committing such an awful crime, but to the students around the criminal.

Harold: While I agree with your point that humans cannot multitask as effectively as they can do individual tasks, that doesn’t mean that knowing how to multitask with a device and reality at the same time isn’t an important skill. Read more →

Almost 30 Years Later and “The Breakfast Club” Still Connects

The_Breakfast_ClubBrianna Dell’Isola, 2014

Everyone today participates in those “Throwback Thursdays” on social media, but why not take a throwback to an all-time classic movie: The Breakfast Club? This 1985 American classic is a perfect movie for anyone looking for a good laugh, especially young adults.

The movie follows five teenagers, each one representing a typical high school cliché; “The Jock”  Andrew Clark, “The Rebel without a cause” John Bender, “The Pretty Girl” Claire Standish, “The Nerd” Brian Johnson, and “The Outcast” Allison Reynolds. Read more →

Senioritis: Reality or Myth?

DSC_0137Catello Battinelli, 2014

If you’ve ever seen the movie Contagion you would know that diseases can spread rapidly. When a school full of people get together, more often than not, someone will wind up getting sick. The sickness will spread through the population and infect the healthy, unless proper health precautions are taken. Unfortunately, right now there is a deadly and infectious disease spreading among the halls of our beloved school. It is swiftly infecting members of the senior class and taking its toll on their collective grades. Read more →

Hats Off to You…

photo 2Pamela Fourtounis, 2015

Bad hair days afflict us all. Sometimes we wake up late with a serious case of bedhead and no time to fix it. Sometimes humidity and rain take over. What’s the quickest and easiest way to deal with the situation? A hat!

But not at SHS.  If you dare walk into the building wearing the prohibited accessory, within seconds you will hear, “Take the hat off!” Read more →