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AP Testing Almost Over

Adriana Hamilton and Rosie Jacobs, 2017ap score

No matter the test, stress is always present– especially for AP tests. For many students, stress can be exhibited both before and after exams.

“The nerves cause me to stay up late and makes it really hard to concentrate in the days leading up to the test,” says sophomore Lily Chau.

Others expressed feeling the pressure heat up after taking the exam(s). Read more →

Drama Club Presents: Property Rights

Plans to change Multicultural Fair in discussion

IMG_0101Eduardo Barrera, 2015, Henrique Almeida, 2015, and Pamela Fourtounis, 2015

The annual Multicultural Fair– students and teachers alike all love it and look forward to that Spring dayl where they can proudly represent their culture and learn about those of others. However, even the Multicultural Fair is not immune from policy changes, which are rumored to take place this year. Read more →

Next Wave/Full Circle raises money through Tree Lot

IMG_0477Max Freitas, 2015

The annual Tree Lot fundraiser run by Next Wave/Full Circle Alternative School is in high gear this year as students and faculty are optimistic and motivated to raise some money.

The past 19 years saw great momentum in funds being collected from the tree lot. Students and faculty volunteered their time in the evenings and weekends to sell trees and wreaths at Foss Park. Read more →

Teens and Anxiety: A Stressed-Out Generation

IMG_7193Brianna Williams, 2016

Anxiety, experienced by many teenagers today, is defined as a feeling of worry or panic that is carried around everyday. Teen worries include finances, college-preparation, fitting in, school, home and family issues, and other stress factors.

A recent article titled “Why are today’s teenagers feeling so anxious?” by Erin Anderson expresses that one reason teens panic comes from high expectations from peers, family, and society. Read more →

Students bring spirit at 2014 Pep Rally

Check out these pictures from last week’s Pep Rally!

Congrats to all the seniors who won their individual games. Go Highlanders!

Senior voices heard: Pep Rally will not change

IMG_0375Max Freitas, 2015

After much turmoil throughout the school day and even after school on Facebook on Monday, Headmaster Mr. John Oteri heard the students’ voices and overruled the student council decision to change the Thanksgiving Pep Rally.

SHS traditional “senior privilege” games will remain exclusive for seniors. Read more →

School Spirit in need at SHS?

IMG_6975Brianna Williams, 2016 & Beatriz Martins, 2016

Every year, SHS holds a Spirit Week around the time of homecoming for students to express their school spirit and participate in the different themes.

This year had nontraditional daily themes that SHS had never seen before, such as Professional Day and Act-Of-Kindness Day. Read more →

MCAS scores increase school pride once again

IMG_6551by Pamela Fourtounis

Both this year and last year saw dramatic increases in the amount of students scoring advanced and proficient on MCAS.

In 2009, as reported by boston.com, only half of Somerville High 10th grade students scored proficient or advanced on the English MCAS. For science, more students scored Needs Improvement and Warning than Proficient and Advanced. Read more →

Senior Week: Fiasco or Fun?

IMG_1466Max Freitas, 2015 & Anjila Shrestha, 2016

The senior class really left their mark on their last week of school with their shenanigans and attempts to have a great senior prank. They had “pranks” for 2 days, Thursday, May 22 and Friday, May 23.

The seniors ended their senior year with a bang, and in some cases that meant a literal bang. Read more →