Recycling in Somerville

Corinne McKeller, 2021

With climate change closing in on the world, many are looking into changes they can make in their personal lives in order to help the planet. Recycling is a popular and important way to help the Earth.While there are many recycling bins around the school, lots of students don’t know what they should be recycling versus throwing away. Somerville recycles most household packaging, plastics, paper, and aluminum. You can find a total list of what’s recyclable here. No food or drink contaminated items should be put in recycling bins.

The school does not currently recycle items in the fashion that they should due to the fact that students are putting contaminated items in recycling bins. Use the list linked above to make sure you know exactly what should and should not be recycled.

Recycling is picked up once a week on the same day as trash pickup, and every household receives a recycling bin from the city. You can find a schedule of pickup days here.

A change the school could make would be to add a recycling bin in the cafeteria for the single use plastic cups they offer for water during lunch. Better yet, they could use paper cups and have a recycling bin nearby.

Another small way to help is getting a reusable water bottle. Single use plastic bottles like Poland Springs and Crystal Geyser contribute a lot to plastic waste. A surge in popularity in bottle brands like S’well, Hydroflask, Nalgene, and Camelbak have led to more people being conscious about their own personal effect on the climate. There is a filtered water dispenser just outside the cafeteria where students can fill their water bottles.

While it may not seem like much, small changes to one’s personal life can help by raising awareness as well as making an impact to better the climate.


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