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Clubs are in full swing, virtually, of course

Piper staff

Clubs at Somerville High School are very much underway. The Highlander Theater Company is putting on its “Live at Lunch” series starting next week and is holding regular meetings. The Creative Writing Club/Literary Magazine is looking for writers of any experience level: poets, short story writers, song writers, journalists. All lovers of words are welcome to jump in on Mondays at 3:00. And of course, your faithful school newspaper is up and running; meetings are on Mondays at 2:45, but we accept submissions via email at (You can also arrange a different time to Zoom if you can’t make it to the regular meetings.)  Read more →

Cooperstown bound? Assessing the Hall of Fame resumes of 30 current players

Aidan O’Sullivan, 2022

With the 2021 Hall of Fame ballot released on November 16, a look at who may be on the ballot in 10-25 years:  Read more →

Highlander Theater Company begins its “Live At Lunch” series

Isabella Milanowski, 2021

Think there’s no live theater happening? Think again! Since this year we have no school hallways and staircases to put posters on, we are depending on our allies in the school community to help get the word out about these events. Now more than ever a creative space for students is needed, and we hope that people who need this space will find it. Read more →

Remembering Mr. DeSimone

Piper staff

On Tuesday, November 26th, Leo DeSimone, associate principal of Somerville High School passed away, devastating the Somerville community. His funeral was held on Monday, December 2nd at St. John’s in Union Square; Somerville High School was closed to allow staff to attend the service; despite the weather, hundreds came to pay their respects. A scholarship has been established in his name; details are below. Read more →

Recycling in Somerville

Corinne McKeller, 2021

With climate change closing in on the world, many are looking into changes they can make in their personal lives in order to help the planet. Recycling is a popular and important way to help the Earth. Read more →

The Phenomenon of Tik Tok

Corinne McKeller, 2021

Tik Tok is a recently revamped video sharing platform, created by the Chinese Company ByteDance. It has taken off in popularity over the past 6 months, specifically among US teens. Formerly known as, Tik Tok focuses on short form videos in which creators dance, lip sync, or talk along with songs, but create their own sounds or make a video without music. Read more →

AI Gradually Replacing Humans In Officiating In MLB and the NFL

Aidan O’Sullivan, 2022

In their respective quests for a more perfect and efficient game, Major League Baseball and The National Football League are introducing technology that reduces controversy and ideally will speed up the game.  Read more →

Stay of Execution Ordered For Rodney Reed

Aidan O’Sullivan, 2022

Convicted in 1998 for the 1996 rape and murder of Stacey Stites, Rodney Reed was set to recieve his death penalty on November 20 in Texas. But the New York Times reports that a stay of execution was granted by the court of appeals. A new judge has been assigned to the case, somewhat controversially. Read more →

After an 8-0 Start to The Season, Patriots Fail Their First Test in Baltimore

Aidan O’Sullivan, 2022

After eight lopsided games, the Patriots were right where everyone expected them to be: 8-0, with few signs of slowing down. It wasn’t the usual faces leading them to their perfect start, however. Before a week 9 beatdown in Baltimore, Tom Brady found himself fifth in passing yards and tenth in total touchdowns for quarterbacks, behind the likes of Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston, and his former mentee, Jacoby Brissett. He had been acceptable, but his start has been underwhelming by his standards. Read more →

Joker Release Breaks Box Offices

Ben Buchheit, 2021

This fall, no movie has made a bigger splash than Joker. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the gritty, claustrophobic, and deeply disturbing supervillain origin story amassed $93.5 million dollars in the US box office in its first weekend alone, beating out Venom’s record of $80 million and smashing initial revenue projections. While the movie was met with mixed reviews from critics, fans have flocked to theaters to see it. Read more →