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Joker Release Breaks Box Offices

Ben Buchheit, 2021

This fall, no movie has made a bigger splash than Joker. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the gritty, claustrophobic, and deeply disturbing supervillain origin story amassed $93.5 million dollars in the US box office in its first weekend alone, beating out Venom’s record of $80 million and smashing initial revenue projections. While the movie was met with mixed reviews from critics, fans have flocked to theaters to see it. Read more →

Kanye West Releases New Album, Jesus is King

Ben Buchheit, 2021

Kanye West, music and fashion mogul, dropped his 9th studio album titled Jesus is King Friday, October 25th. West has been hinting at an album since the announcement of a project named Yandhi in September of 2018 (which has since been postponed indefinitely). Read more →

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter: Book Review

by Sabrin Zahid, 2020

“How do we tie our shoes, brush our hair, drink coffee, wash the dishes, and go to sleep, pretending everything is fine? How do we laugh and feel happiness despite the buried things growing inside? How can we do that day after day?”

I am  surprised with myself at how quickly I got through this book. I read it from start to finish in two days because  it was just so engaging.  Read more →

Netflix Releases New Middle Eastern Drama, “Jinn”

Sabrin Zahid, 2020

This summer, Netflix released a new drama, “Jinn”. Being the first Netflix original series in Arabic,  I was excited to watch it to see how the characters and the Jinn would be portrayed. Read more →

Get Involved In This Year’s First Musical!

by Piper staff
With the start of the new school year, that means the musicals are coming! We need people to join us both onstage and backstage to bring IN THE HEIGHTS to life in a way that is uniquely Somerville. Roles are available for people who like to sing, dance, act, rap, design costumes, build sets, run sound boards, and so much more. Everyone is welcome, and no prior experience is necessary.

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Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Review

Joseph Bortner, 2019

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is an anomaly. Read more →

Alita Battle Angel Review

Lucas Cavanaugh, 2019

Alita Battle Angel, a live action adaptation of the manga of the same name, was released earlier this month. Almost every live action adaptation of an anime has been terrible (DragonBall Evolution and Death Note for example). Unlike those, Alita is a good live action adaptation and is extremely faithful to the source material, with only minor changes.

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Opinion: Comics Are Better At Queer Representation Than TV Shows

Andre Demorias, 2019

Comics, as a medium, do not have to rely on acting, music, or editing in a scene to convey emotions to the audience.

The only things readers need in a comic are the text and the illustrations. Not only is there a far more intimate connection formed than one through a screen, but there is more freedom to create experimental stories.

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Lil Pump Releases His Second Album

David Botchway, 2019

Lil Pump’s second album, “Harverd Dropout,” dropped  Friday February 22, 2019 to much fanfare. Its release was delayed twice, both for equally ludicrous reasons. First Pump “lost” the album, then he was arrested for unlicensed driving. However, when it finally happened, I and many others were more than ready to listen and we all plugged in to listen at 12 a.m on the dot. Read more →